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Photography is usually the first visual impression you get to make on a client for a listing. This generates their initial interest and is simple and efficient at telling the visual story of the property. Our prices start at $120. We have set our pricing right at the competitive edge. For a professional service there is no better price.

Fastest Turnaround

With the tools available in this digital age speed is always important. All of our images are turned around the same day of the property being photographed.

Competitive Rates

  1. 20+ images up to 2000 SF $120​

  2. 25+ images up to 3000 SF $135
  3. 35+ images up to 4000 SF $150
  4. 45+ images up to 5000 SF $170
  5. 55+ images up to 6000 SF $195
  6. 70+ images up to 9999 SF $250
  7. Over 10,000 SF custom pricing
  8. Add $50 for HDR post production
  9. Video and Drone services available starting at $150

Quality Always

We always strive for the highest quality images that we can make. Whether it is HDR images made on a tripod or the quickest option with a fill flash we deliver quality every time.

All of the work at Lit Visual Productions is custom made for each client. If you have a special request do not hesitate to ask.

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